I will protect your right to send your child to the school of your choice. That means the charter school that thousands of parents send their children to everyday in South Phoenix and Laveen will be protected by me as your senator. Rebecca Rios opposes school choice and doesn’t vote to protect it. 65 percent of Arizona polled in support of school choice and that is reflected by the number of parents who send their kids to charter schools in South Phoenix and Laveen. If you send your child to any one of the following schools, you should know that the current elected official opposes your right to do so and if given the opportunity would remove the funding for it. If your child attends the following school I want you to know I will protect your right to send them to it.


Working class families struggle everyday but choosing where your kids go to school and how your school tax dollars are spent should be your decision, not a politician’s. Parents send their kids to charter schools for many reasons but a few are to get what they believe is a better education and a safe, smaller class size. Below are just some of the Charter schools in Legislative District 27. 


Please join me in protecting this important right of working class families in South Phoenix and Laveen.

AIM Higher College Prep Academy

NFL YET College Prep Academy

South Mountain Preparatory Academy

Sun Valley Academy

ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix High School

Kaizen Education Foundation/ Quest H.S

The Paideia Academy of South Phoenix

ASU Preparatory Academy - South Phoenix High School

Phoenix International Academy

South Valley Prep and Arts School

Victory High School - Campus

AAEC - SMCC Campus

Skyline Prep High School

Horizon Honors Elementary School

ASU Preparatory Academy - South Phoenix Primary

Reyes Maria Ruiz Leadership Academy

BASIS Phoenix South Primary

Vista College Preparatory

Champion Schools

South Pointe High School

Horizon Honors Secondary School

George Gervin Prep Academy

SABIS International

EAGLE College Prep Phoenix South

ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix Elementary

Desert Marigold School

South Pointe Junior High School

Keystone Montessori Charter School