South Phoenix and Laveen have an extremely high crime rate that has only continued to increase. In the first two months of 2020 there were over 500 auto thefts, there were over 267 home burglaries, 264 businesses burglarized, and 8 murders. The crime rate has been seriously ignored by our elected officials for years and I want you to know if elected I will bring community partners to gather to address and solve the outrageous crime rate. If we want better job opportunities to come to South Phoenix and Laveen, then we must reduce the crime rate. If we want people to feel safe when they go shopping and walk in the park, then we must make safety a top priority.



There is absolutely no excuse for the out of control crime other than to say Rios and our other elected officials have failed us. If you vote for me I will make the safety of our community number one. Remember, less crime brings better employment opportunities and quality of life for all the residents of South Phoenix, Laveen, and Guadalupe.  
Please join me in making our community safer and better for all of us.

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