My name is Garland Shreves. I would like to be your Senator in Legislative District 27. 

I was born and raised here in South Phoenix, the youngest of nine children and I am proud to call myself a Southsider. I grew up on South 7th Avenue in a multicultural home. 

It’s a fact we were poor, but my parents instilled in me the importance of God, Family and Faith. 

I grew up in a very small house, about 960 square feet with three bedrooms, one bathroom and a swamp cooler.

I still have memories of Jay's Coffee shop’s fish fry on Fridays. Every now and then Mom and Dad would take two of us out at a time to keep costs down and we would share a shake.

I recall the silver dollar drive-in and lawn chairs sitting in front of the car watching the big screen eating popcorn on a hot summer night. 

Yes, the times have changed but the memories of the TG & Y, the western auto where I earned the money to buy my first western flyer with a banana seat, are still very vivid. 

The smells of Baseline road, that was then just two lanes, were filled with orange blossoms and the flower gardens.   

My siblings and I felt safe here to play in the desert and walk the many trails in South Mountain Park. 

As a small kid I didn’t understand poverty, but I knew at times we lacked what many others took for granted. 


I attended Valley View Elementary school, Lassen Jr. High and Greenfield Jr. High. It’s here in my early life that I met teachers who mentored me despite the many challenges and difficulties I faced at home. 
I am eternally grateful to them for having never given up on me because without them, I would not have achieved the many things in life I have.  
Besides living in our district, not just having a mailing address here, claiming it as my residence. I actually live here, I am proud to say I live in the jewel of Phoenix that is filled with the diversity of people, food and music.
My children live here, and we own and operate a business that is headquartered in this district with offices in other states. This is our home. This is where my family and I live.
My wife and I have four children, two grandsons and a crazy cat that we love. 
While we own a business, I work for a government agency that I will have to leave should I win in the future.
Running for this job is about making our community better for all of us, it’s about raising the economic opportunities that can lift people out of poverty, and it’s about seeking to create opportunities that improve the lives of the people who live here. The place that you and I love and call home.  
I want to listen and hear what you have to say about what’s good and what needs improvement. While I believe South Phoenix and Laveen are beautiful safe places to live, we cannot dismiss the fact that some areas, because of the large vast size of the district, are crime invested and this must be addressed. 
It’s unfair that these areas and citizens are ignored. I promise I will address these issues of safety for them and all the citizens of the district.  


I will protect your right to send your child to any public or charter school because you know what’s best for your child. 
If Democrats gain control of the House and Senate, they have stated they will de-fund this right you now have.
If you have children enrolled in a charter school because you want them to have the education you choose, vote for me. 
Your child’s education is at stake in this election cycle. I will fight to protect your right to send your child to any of the many great charter schools we have here in South Phoenix. These schools are trusted by parents to provide the education they want. I will protect your school choice for your family. 
 I want to address the many teachers in traditional public schools and I promise to listen and advance legislation that address some of the issues of behavioral and educational challenged students that take up 90 percent of your time at the expense of many of your other students.
I do believe this is an area I would like to partner with educators on, among other issues, as well as to find meaningful solutions that help students succeed. 
I think most importantly I want you to know I will stand up for your constitutional rights and your right to keep and bear arms. 
I believe that all life is sacred. 

In the coming months I will lay out my case why you should consider voting for me by explaining what I would like to accomplish if elected.
I will explain my focus on the lack of infrastructure like roads and the terrible internet service providers.
I will explain how we should work together to address crime issues in the community. 
I will address how I will encourage greater support with our law enforcement agencies. 
I will talk about health care issues and education, criminal justice reform and what that means and why it's important to all of us.
I will also work to address the high cost of college in our state and seek solutions that can reduce the burden of those costs, by looking at the overwhelming salaries of some the university administration that is excessive. 
I will address mental illness and why we must address it compassionately.
I will bring members of the community together from all walks of life, faiths and political parties to help me understand what are the important issues in our community.  
I care about our community and I hope you will keep an open heart and mind and give me the chance to make a case for why you should vote for me. I am a southside kid who has done good and I want to share my experience with the community to help make it better, for all of us.

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